WOOOOOO! First Post on My New Blog!

11 Oct

Hello! こんにちわ!
My name is Amelia Mara Brondocks, and I am a young writer. I am very interested in Japan, and the nuclear disaster that occured there saddens me greatly. I support the idea of a world-wide consciousness of love that holds us all together. I think this because if the world could be connected through great ideas about love, peace, and equal chances for all humans, no exceptions, and no war or outright hate, then it would truly be a worth-while world to live in. I should have lived a fulfilling life if I die in a day and age where humans respect each other and themselves, and if I helped to bring about even a small change in the world. This is my basic motto for life: Life goes on. I think it applies to everyday life because even when you are stressed or depressed, if you think, “Life goes on,” then you find that you can deal with it no matter how stressful the issue is. 
          I want to be a translator! I love languages and other cultures, and I would like to be a foriegn exchange student. I especially want to get out of America as soon as possible. I do not enjoy the disrespect that our country shows to others, and I think that the traditions of respect in places like Japan and Korea really illustrate a healthy way to see the world. If we could all have this level of proper behavior then there would be a much kinder world.  Well, maybe not that extreme a respect, but something a little like it would be a very good thing. Teachers, parents, and people of authority should be looked up to and acknowledged as intelligent persons, but not obeyed no matter what. Free ideas should be shared and discussed! Discussion is the healthiest activity a person could engage in, at least in my opinion.

        Well now I’ve told you a bit about me, and I look to forward to learning a bit about you! 🙂 Please enjoy my writing!